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Fillers Treatment

Fillers Treatment In Delhi

Filler treatment in Delhi is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid or other substances to add volume, smooth wrinkles, and enhance facial contours. This treatment aims to restore youthfulness and address specific aesthetic concerns.

Causes Meso Therapy

Causes of Fillers Treatment

Filler treatment is selected to address various cosmetic concerns, including:

  1. Skin Rejuvenation: Diminishing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin for a youthful appearance.
  2. Volume Restoration: Adding volume to areas affected by aging or weight loss, restoring a more youthful contour.
  3. Lip Enhancement: Augmenting lip volume and shape for fuller, more defined lips.
  4. Cheek Contouring: Sculpting the cheeks to enhance facial symmetry and definition.
  5. Under Eye Rejuvenation: Smoothing under-eye hollows and reducing dark circles for a refreshed look.
  6. Nasolabial Fold Reduction: Softening deep lines around the mouth to create a smoother complexion.
  7. Hand Rejuvenation: Restoring volume and reducing the appearance of veins and tendons on the hands for a more youthful look.
Causes Meso Therapy
Pre-treatment Meso Therapy

Fillers Pre-treatment Process

Preparation for filler treatment includes:

  1. Consultation: Reviewing treatment objectives and assessing suitability with a healthcare provider.
  2. Medical Review: Evaluating medical history and current medications for safe and effective treatment.
  3. Skin Assessment: Identifying target areas and concerns for a personalized treatment plan.
  4. Preparation: Cleansing the skin, administering local anesthesia if necessary, and obtaining informed consent before the procedure.

Ideal Candidate For Fillers Treatment

An ideal candidate for filler treatment is someone seeking enhancement in specific areas such as lips, cheeks, or nasolabial folds. They should be in good health, have realistic expectations, adhere to pre and post-treatment care, and consult with a qualified healthcare provider for suitability.

Candidate Meso Therapy

Post Fillers Treatment Care

After filler treatment, diligent post-care is crucial:

  1. Sun Protection: Shield treated areas from direct sunlight to prevent potential skin damage. Apply sunscreen as needed.
  2. Skincare: Adhere to a gentle skincare regimen, avoiding harsh products that may irritate or disrupt filler placement.
  3. Follow-up: Attend scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor results and address any concerns with the healthcare provider for optimal outcomes.
Recovery Time After Meso Therapy

After Fillers Treatment

  • Recovery time following Mesotherapy can vary depending on the specific treatment and individual factors. In general:
  • Facial Mesotherapy: Patients may experience mild redness or swelling for a day or two. Most resume normal activities immediately.
  • Body Mesotherapy: Recovery may involve minor discomfort or bruising, typically lasting a few days.
  • Hair Mesotherapy: Minimal to no downtime; patients can usually return to regular activities right after treatment.
Recovery Time After Meso Therapy